In today’s volatile business environment real advantage comes with the ability to recognize business opportunity and then develop a plan to turn that opportunity into a business advantage. Working with top-level financial and procurement executives, RFQ Strategies defines these opportunities and develops expense and procurement strategies to ensure results.

At RFQ Strategies we concentrate our efforts on secondary purchasing categories:

  • Office Supplies
  • Printer/Copier Consumables
  • Freight/Courier Services
  • Shipping Supplies
  • Industrial/Janitorial Supplies
  • Telecom
  • And others

We offer consultation in the following categories on a project basis:

  • Print
  • Custom Procurement
  • Travel and Meetings
  • Energy
  • Communications
  • Information Technology

Our Method:

Step One

We begin by listening carefully to our clients’ challenges, then develop a profile of current usage patterns, costs and needs in any expense category. Then we discuss our findings with management and staff before we begin our analysis. This first step is important because we are committed to develop programs and procedures that will reduce costs without compromising quality or service. We spend just enough time with staff to develop a meaningful profile without interrupting routine and workflow.

Step Two

Our second step depends on the expense category, clients’ usage, service demands, purchasing methods and market conditions in any particular category.

Typically we offer the following strategies.

  • Re-negotiate pricing and terms with current vendors.
  • Consolidate or centralize purchases to increase buying power.
  • Seek to eliminate unused or little used service features.
  • Prepare RFQ’s and negotiate with new vendors to determine best supplier.
  • Reduce vendors’ costs.

Client Results:

We deliver, thorough, well-researched solutions to our clients complete with analyses of forecasted savings and proposed benchmarking methods to guarantee those savings.

Clients Receive:

  • A thorough review of usage patterns and current supply prices and contracts.
  • A competitive market analysis of expense category.
  • An easy to implement expense reduction solution.
  • Our assistance and supervision with implementation and change.
  • 12-month monitoring of program with benchmarks and quarterly reports.
  • Maintenance of vendor goodwill.

Unlike most firms in our industry, we assist our clients with implementation and monitor the program, as part of our fee, for the first 12-months after implementation to ensure its success.

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