RFQ Strategies has been helping Canadian clients deal with the challenges of expense management, procurement and vendor relations for the past five years. Today pressure is on companies to strengthen and protect their profitability …their bottom line. The ability to focus on reducing needless operating expenses increases overall corporate and fiscal performance without increasing sales.

We have extensive experience with medium and large-sized companies over a wide variety of industries. We understand your needs and work with you to attain the best possible results.


The RFQ team is comprised of business professionals who understand the complexities of today’s business challenges. We have worked as managers, operations directors, vice presidents and procurement experts in a variety of corporations facing the same challenges our clients face every day.

Our category-specific analysts are focused on providing up to the minute market intelligence and are attuned to the subtle shifts and nuances within their categories, providing the best possible information for client recommendations.

This background combined with our knowledge of today’s procurement policies and long standing vendor relations means that we have the depth of personnel and the breadth of experience to help you successfully overcome your corporate spend challenges.


Since our beginning we have worked with medium and large-sized clients from a wide range of industries. This includes, law firms, entertainment companies, service companies, multi-national manufacturing companies and others.

Most of our clients approach us to assist them with expense management in areas secondary to their core expertise while others seek guidance in preparing for future growth or to improve their current procurement procedures.

Even though our clients represent several industries and diversity of size, they all share a common goal…to reduce spending and improve their procurement efficiencies.

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